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Ancestors of Charles Lee Mayfield

Second Generation

2. Hoy McClure Mayfield was born 1 29 Mar 1914 in Zenith, Stafford Co., KS. He died 2 16 Jun 1987 in Wilton, Little River, AR and was buried in National Cemetery, Little Rock, AR, grave 1552 in Section 15-A. Hoy married Living on 8 Jun 1940. [Parents]

[Brderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 4, Social Security DeathIndex: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from M through Z, Dateof Import: Aug 26, 1996, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Mayfield, Hoy
Birth date: Mar 29, 1914
Death date: June 1987
Social Security #: 509-07-5037
Last residence: AR 71865
State of issue: KS

Breakdown of Hoy M. Mayfield experience while in the U.S. Navy:

January 10, 1939 - Enlisted at Navy Recruiting Station, Kansas City,Missouri, and transferred to the Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, IL.

April 26, 1939 - Transferred to the U.S.S. ARIZONA for further transferto the U.S.S. LOUISVILLE.

May 12, 1939 - Transferred to the U.S.S. LOUISVILLE - While on the U.S.S.LOUISVILLE was assigned to the Executive Officer's office as enlistedPersonnel yeoman, handling personnel accounting, discharges, enlistments,filing, daily, monthly and annual reports. Promoted to Y3c on November16, 1940, and to Y2c on October 9, 1941.

October 22, 1941 - transferred to Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor, T.H. forreassignment. Temporarily assigned to Navy Relief Office as bookkeeper.

December 13, 1941 - transferred to Naval Air Station, Pearl Harbor andwas assigned to Receiving and Transferring section and was responsiblefor all personnel reports to the Bureau of Naval Personnel. Promoted toY1c on June 1, 1942.

June 1, 1943 - promoted to CY(AA) and placed in charge of ExecutiveOfficer's supervising approximately 20 yeomen. Responsible to theExecutive Officer for all enlisted personnel records, reports andaccounting, also legal yeoman, acting as recorder for Summary and GeneralCourt Martial.

October 24, 1943 - transferred to the U.S.S. PENNSYLVANIA and placed incharge of the Executive Officer's office, also assigned to theCommunication Department and stood watches in the Coding Department,handling classified messages.

March 28, 1944 - Appointed Ensign (T), USN and transferred to ReceivingStation, San Francisco, CA, and was assigned to Naval Training Station,Newport, R.I. for training of crew and for duty on U.S.S. ATLANTA. WasAide to the Executive Officer and in charge of the Executive Officer'soffice, assisted in writing Ship's Organization Book, and stood watchesas Coding Officer in the Communications Department.

July 9, 1945 - appointed Lieutenant (jg), USN, and duties remained thesame.

November 20, 1945 - transferred to U.S. Naval Training Station, GreatLakes, IL, for temporary duty and discharge.

January 14, 1946 - Honorably discharged.

Battle watches while on the U.S.S. LOUISVILLE, the U.S.S. PENNSYLVANIA,and the U.S.S. ATLANTA consisted of manning battle telephone circuits,headphones. Was Captain's talker on the U.S.S. PENNSYLVANIA and U.S.S.ATLANTA.

At the U.S. Naval Air Station, Pearl Harbor, T.H. was assigned to thetelephone watch at the Officer of the Day office.

3. Living [Parents]


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