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Ancestors of Charles Lee Mayfield

Fourth Generation

8. Zachariah Taylor Mayfield 1 was born 2, 3 19 Feb 1847 in Pulaski Co., KY. He died 6 Dec 1902 in Pulaski Co., KY. Zachariah married 4 Eliza Margaret McClure on 9 Jun 1870 in Somerset, Pulaski County, KY. [Parents]

A Miller and farmer on the old Mayfield place near Pulaski, Kentucky.

9. Eliza Margaret McClure was born 1 5 Feb 1849 in Pulaski Co., KY. She died 4 Feb 1922. [Parents]



10. Samuel David Clifton was born 5 Mar 1850. He died 30 Jan 1940 in Rolla, KS and was buried in Rolla, KS. Samuel married Ida May Clothier on 4 Mar 1874 in Stafford Co., KS. [Parents]

I've seen it spelled "Samual"

11. Ida May Clothier was born 30 Aug 1855 in Iowa Co., IA. She died 9 Aug 1898 and was buried in Peace Creek Cemetery, Reno Co., KS. [Parents]

Moved to KS with her family as a young lady at the age of 19 years.After moving to KS, she met and married Samual David Clifton.


12. William Asbury January was born 1 May 1861. He died after 18 Jun 1900 in of fever in Pawnee, I.T. at age 39 and was buried 1900 in Highland Cemetery, Pawnee, OK. William married Josephine Arene Chastain on 27 Aug 1882 in Benton County, AR. William Jan 1872 Isaac January petitioned Benton County Circuit Court to app. He resided BET. 1892 - 1893 in moved to Pryor Creek, I.T.. He resided about 1893 in Burnham area, Pawnee, Pawnee County, OK. He resided about 1909 in moved to Row, Delaware County, OK. He was counted in a census 1900 in Burnham area, Pawnee, Pawnee County, OK. [Parents]

William lived with his uncle Isaac until he was grown.

John Gadberry was William Asbury January's half-brother.

13. Josephine Arene Chastain was born 1 16 Oct 1862 in Bloomfield, AR. She died 14 Nov 1921 in At the home of Jess and Gertie Fairres from pneumonia. and was buried 1921 in Row Cemetery, Row, Delaware County, OK. Josephine was counted in a census 1910 in listed as a widow. Had 9 children, 6 living. [Parents]


14. John Laphe Potter was born 10 Dec 1865 in MO. He died 31 Aug 1954 in Row, OK and was buried in Row Cemetery, Row, Oklahoma. John married Mary Ellen Sharp. [Parents]

died at his farm near Colcord/Row Oklahoma

15. Mary Ellen Sharp was born 1 Jan 1870. She died 7 May 1953 in Row, OK and was buried in Row Cemetery, Row, Oklahoma. [Parents]

died 1 January, less than a month after her husband John Laphe.


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