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Ancestors of Charles Lee Mayfield

Sixth Generation

32. John Adams Mayfield 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 5, 6 1768 in VA. He died 7, 8, 9 1816 in Pulaski Co., KY and was buried 10 in Freedom Cemetery, Pulaski County, KY. John married 11, 12 Mary Wolfe on 1790 in VA. [Parents]

From notes written by Mrs. L.N. Taylor (Grandaunt Ella Mayfield Taylor):
John and William Mayfield came to Kentucky from Virginia and helped survey some land under Samuel McKee, by order of General Assembly of 1798, for Madison Academy. They were each given 250 acres of land on the head waters of Pitman Creek, Lincoln County, later Pulaski County. They settled on the land with their families in 1798. William later sold out and with his family went to Giles County, Tennessee with John's father-in-law, Mr. [Henry] Wolf/Wolfe/Woolf. William's wife was Elizabeth and he had a son William Campbell. Campbell came back to Kentucky in 1851 and bought the nine slaves from John's estate. I am unable to find the old record or any later knowledge of William's family. There is one old letter from one of these old slaves to her brother with the old papers. She states that all the Negroes are close together and are all well satisfied.

per Mrs. L.N. Taylor, In a letter to Lindsey W. Mayfield, "John was killed by a tree jumping back on him in 1813, while working the War Road. His oldest son Reuben was then in the War of 1812, fighting Indians in the Illinois Territory. Some years after, Mary, his widow married his cousin Isaac Mayfield. They didn't get along well, and in 1831, I find a record at Somerset where he deeds back to John's heirs his interest in the slaves. Who he was, I have not been able to find out."

The following are the names of John and Mary Mayfield's slaves sold after their deaths:
Phillis, Moses, Caroline, Charlotte, Maria, Rebecca, Margaret, Sarah, Catherine. (Wills and estates pages 1116, 1120 Court House Somerset) Campbell Mayfield, a nephew of Tennessee, bought them and took them to his home.

per Nina Dupree, John's middle name was Adams.
per Jerry F. Richmond, Seaborn's father was John Adams Mayfield who married Mary Wolfe.

33. Mary Wolfe 1 was born 2 1770. She died 3 18 Dec 1848 in Pulaski Co., KY and was buried in Freedom Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky. [Parents]

per Nina Dupree: Mary died sitting in a chair eating an apple.

The following is a transcript of a letter written by Mary in 1823:

State of Kentucky Pulaski County
December 13 - 1823

Dear Brother and friends
I once more take the opportunity of letting you know that me and my little family are enjoying a reasonable state of health thanks be to the great giver of his mercy. I trust in the same that these few lines will reach your hands and find you and all the friends enjoying your health. We read a letter from your friendly hand the first day of this instant which gave me the sorrowful news of my father and mother being dead. I have not heard anything in a long time that hurt my feeling as bad. I was doubtful when they moved to that sickly country that I should see them again. I had calculated on coming to see you all next fall if I possibly could get there. You wrote that you had administered on the estate and that the sale would be in January. I would be glad that I could be there so I could see you all once again before I die. Expect that the most of my brothers and sisters will be there on that day and if it pleases God that I should live and I can find so to do ??? come, but my chance is bad about leaving home to go that distance that time of year. Pleasant talks of coming with me and if I don't come its likely he will come. You said that you would write again. I want you to write immediate and let me know on what day the sale will be and how far you live from Huntsville and how I can find you if I should come. I should be glad to know what places to inquire to find you. I am glad you undertook the business. I am in hopes that you won't forget me if I can't be there. You wanted me to write to Harry. I shall do so. I have been informed by a man that has lived with them that his old uncle is dead and the old man has given him his plantation and he lives there rich.
The man lives in this neighborhood he is by the name of Hand, a brothers son of Samuel Hand. I can inform you that Lee Bowen has moved to the State of Indiana this fall - also Reuben was here. He and his family. I suppose that he is making on very well. Mitchum is still living in Tennessee. I got a letter from him the other day. He stated that he is going to see you before long. I would be glad if you would give ma a small amount what the rental is worth. I would be glad that you would move from that sickly country. My heart always aches when I get a letter from you for fear that I shall hear that some of you are dead. It would be a great satisfaction to me to see you all. I would be glad that some of you would come and see me. But I don't calculate that I ever shall see you all again in this world for we are all scattered all over the world and have been so long since we saw one another that we have got to be almost like strangers. But I hope and trust that we shall meet in peace in the world to come where we never will have any more parting. I have never heard from Alfred nor Fielding since you moved away from there. I think ??? hears of them - they never write to ??? if its in my power to come I would be glad if you would put off the sale til the last of January. I shall look for a letter immediately. I've nothing more worth your attention but still remain your loving sister til death. Give my complements to Elizabeth. Harry Mayfield and his band and all the rest of my friends.

To Mr James Woolf
Somerset, KY
State of Alabama DEC 14- 1823
Marengo County
Jack Woolf wrote:
(She didn't sign her name)


34. Alexander Adams 1 was born 2 5 Apr 1779 in Chester Dist., SC. He died 3 27 Jan 1849. Alexander married 4 Mary Morrow on 5 Dec 1803 in Pulaski Co., KY. [Parents]

Another source has birth date April 2, 1779

35. Mary Morrow 1 was born 2 10 Feb 1786 in Pulaski Co., KY. She died 3 23 Aug 1843. [Parents]


36. William McClure 1 was born 2 1761 in PA. He died 1814 in Norfolk, VA. William married Mary Shields on 12 Sep 1789 in Augusta, VA. [Parents]

from "McClure - Hubbell, and Related Families":
The story of our McClure ancestry begins in Scotland, where so manypeople tiring of such strict religious regulations fled into Ireland andlater to America.

Philadelphia was the landing place of many Scotch-Irish families.Soon the crowded conditions there and news of cheaper lands farther westencouraged these people to seek new lands. Lancaster County, Pa. was asettling place for many McClures and it is probable that our family is ofthis branch. When Bordens Grant was opened for settlement in Virginia,near Lexington, many McClures obtained land there.

Our William McClure was born in Pennsylvania. No one of us seem toremember the name of his father. He had brothers and sisters. Onebrother, Robert, left for Mississippi and was never heard from again. perMrs. L.N. Taylor: William McClure was born in Pennsylvania in 1761. Hewas a soldier of the Revolution the last four years, coming out at theage of 20 years when the war closed. He married Mary Shields ofPennsylvania whose father John and two of her brothers were alsoRevolutionary soldiers. They went to Washington County Virginia when thewar of 1812 came on, William being a soldier and too old for service inhis own name, went in as a substitute for some other man. Grandpa saidhe was wounded at Norfolk, Virginia and died there, but Aunt Neatie saidher mother told her that he was taken on a boat at Norfolk for serviceand never returned. His wife Mary with her small children left Virginiafor Leesburg, Tennessee in 1814. They had a son-in-law, Polly's husband,Philip Minton in the war of 1812, also. Later Mary married Dr. Surber ofVirginia and in 1821came to Pulaski County Kentucky. Mary and Williamhad ten children. Mary was buried at the Old Bill Higgins cemetery atPulaski Kentucky where Bob Surber now lives.

Susana Hinds was the wife of one brother.

William McClure entered the Revolutionary service from Augusta County, Vaat the age of 16. He served more than one enlistment and was twicewounded, once on the forehead by a sword, and another time by a bayonetin his back. He was 22 when he was discharged. In all he served 4 yearsand 9 months. He enlisted in the Virginia Line for the duration of thewar in 1782, under Lieut. John Steel of the 9th Virginia Regiment "Ref.B. W. Manuscript on file at State Library, Richmond, VA."

William McClure married Mary Shields Sept. 12, 1789, in Augusta Co., VA.Her mother, Jane Shields, a widow, gave consent. They were married byRev. Peter Waddle, the blind preacher. Mary's father, John Shields, haddied from wounds Jan. 19, 1779 he received at the battle of Monmouth, NJ,June 28, 1778. John Shields was a New England Yankee, who fought underEthan Allen and was called a "Green Mountain Boy". He was of Irishancestry. He enlisted for service in the Revolution from Berks County,PA. While engaged in the battle of Monmouth, he saw Molly Stark carry apitcher of cider to her husband. While standing near her husband, JohnStark fell wounded. She at once took over the cannon and loaded andfired until the enemy was repulsed. Congress later made her a Colonelfor her bravery. She was known as "Colonel Molly Pitcher", the onlywoman so honored.

After the Revolutionary war, William McClure and Mary lived in WashingtonCounty, Va, on a very rocky farm near the salt mines. They had 10children. William farmed and worked in the salt mines. Farming wasdifficult--War taxes were high. William tried the salt mines, but beingconstantly wet gave him rheumatism. He had spent much time as a soldierbut was too old to enlist, but could go in as a substitute for anotherman. When Col. William Huston came along in the fall of 1814, Williamwent in as a substitute for a man whose name is not remembered. Thiscompany went to Norfolk, Va. Many of the men were killed in this battleand lie buried in the sand. There is a monument erected to honor theunknown dead of that battle.

37. Mary Shields 1 was born 1775. She died about 1845 in Pulaski Co., KY and was buried 2, 3 in Old Higgins Cemetery, Pulaski Co., KY. [Parents]

Mary was only 14 when she married.

After William's death in 1814, Mary took her small children and walked toLeesburg, TN. As she walked south she met an army officer on horseback. He said to her, "Where are you going my good woman?" She replied,"With God's help and my two strong legs, I hope to reach my people inTennessee." Some of her brothers had settled near Leesburg. Her brotherBarney was a slave trader. He became wealthy and built the first brickhouse in his home county.

Mary Shields later married Dr. Adam Surber. John, her youngest son, wasapprenticed to learn the tailor's trade for 3 years. In 1821 they cameto Pulaski county, KY, and settled on the Old Dobbs place just east ofPulaski Station, near where Mary is buried in the old Higgins Cemetery.She died about 1845.

per Mrs. L.N. Taylor: Mattie Bryant Bastin, Science Hill, Kentucky, hasGreat Grand Mother Mary Shields' Holland Bible which her mother, JaneHagerman left. That bible is all in Holland Dutch. There are also somenames written in Dutch Script. This is a copy [contact C. L. Mayfield if you'd like a scanned copy.]


38. Levi Hubbell 1 was born 1776 in NY. He died 1851. Levi married Jane Buchanan on UNKNOWN. [Parents]

Levi and 2nd wife Jane Buchanan Hubbell came to Pulaski County, KY. in1811 and settled on a farm on which is now Etna Church, built in theHubbell family cemetery. Many of the big flat box stones have beenallowed to fall apart.
Levi was a cobbler, a farmer, a justice of the peace, and an Elder in theUnion Church.

39. Jane Buchanan 1 was born 1780. [Parents]

Jane was the oldest daughter of Robert and Mary Jimison Buchanan.


40. Joshua Harris Clifton was born 1 UNKNOWN. He died about 1820. Joshua married Hannah Harris on UNKNOWN. [Parents]

Occupation: Farmer

41. Hannah Harris was born UNKNOWN.


42. George , Sr. Coonrod 1 was born about 1770 in , KY. He died 2 before 1850 in Greene, IL and was buried 3, 4 in Greenfield, Greene, IL, Oakwood Cem.. George married Lydia Ann Fendurds about 1809 in KY.

43. Lydia Ann Fendurds 1 was born 2 1778.


44. Artemas Clothier was born 14 Sep 1787. He died 1874. Artemas married Lucy Tyler on 1807. [Parents]

45. Lucy Tyler was born 5 Nov 1788 in NY.


48. Joseph C. January was born 1, 2 BET. 10 - 15 APR 1801 in Bedford County, TN. He died 3 29 Mar 1870 and was buried 4 1870 in Bozarth Cemetery. Joseph married Martha about 1820. Joseph was counted in a census 5 1830 in , , , son 10-15 (Hiram), son 5-10, twins under 5 (Isaac and. He was counted in a census 6 1850 in Bedford County, TN. He was counted in a census 7 1860 in Double Springs P.O., Flint, Benton County, AR. He resided 8 about 1851 in followed sons Isaac and William to Benton, County, AR. [Parents]

Living in Benton County Arkansas at age 59 during the 9 July, 1860 CensusFamily 614/608. Flint Township, Rombel? Springs Post Office

49. Martha was born 1 9 Dec 1803. She died 2 30 Oct 1856.

Last name may be Mash. Martha is thought to be the daughter of JohnMash, a methodist clergyman.


50. Calvin Phillips died about 1866. He married Nancy Sophia Hastings. Calvin will was signed Jul 1866 in Probate at Benton County, AR court.

51. Nancy Sophia Hastings 1 was born 1828 in Bedford Co., Tenn.


52. Jehu Chastain Rev. was born 30 Dec 1801 in Pendleton Dist., Pickens County, SC. He died 1 20 Jul 1862 in Gentry, Benton County, AR. Jehu married Alica Martha Carter on 22 Aug 1822 in Rabun Co., GA.. [Parents]

The following, written by Thomas Jehu Chastain (Son of Dennis G. andNancy Jane) of Tahlequah, Oklahoma was provided by Doug Chastain ofBenton, AR:
" In due time, our illustrious forbear, the Rev. Jehu Chastain, andhis sons, imbued with a pioneering spirit, followed a western course andsettled in north-west Arkansas and the Indian Territory. Dennis G. andJehu T., thrilled with the rich, well watered valleys, the rollingprairies of waving, wild hay, and an abundance of wild game of all kindsfor sustenance, chose west Benton County, hard by the Cherokee Nationline, for their homes. But Rainey cast his lot in the New IndianTerritory, which seemed more inviting to him. Being a friend of theCherokees and speaking their language fluently, he was often invited totheir business councils. On several occasions, he was sent by them astheir emissary, to Washington City, in the interest of the Cherokeegovernment's affairs. He lived and died in Indian Territory, nearFairland, or Afton. Dennis G. and Jehu T. had homes near Bloomfield andSpringtown, Arkansas, respectively. All three of the brothers rearedlarge families of boys and girls.
Benton County Arkansas Fedlands:
CHASTAIN JEHU 24 18N 33W 401859/07/01
CHASTAIN JEHU 24 18N 33W 401857/08/01

also land record for
CHASTAIN JOHN T 24 18N 33W 401877/03/20

53. Alica Martha Carter 1 was born 2 Apr 1806 in Atkins Branch, Buncombe, NC. She died 21 May 1883 in Little Rock, , Ark. [Parents]


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