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Descendants of Robert Mayfield (1635-1715) - pafg01.htm - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Descendants of Robert Mayfield

First Generation

1. Robert Mayfield 1 was born 2, 3 about 1635 in Glouster Co., VA (Poss. England). He died 4, 5 before 16 Aug 1715 in Essex Co., VA.

Robert may have been born in England. There is a christening of a RobertMayfield, parents Robert and Alice, May 23, 1620 at London, Saint Mary atHill and a baptism on Feb 21, 1620 of Robert Mafield, at Nottingham,parents William and Elizabeth.-J. Hoyle Mayfield, 1994

Robert had a will dated 3 DEC 1714 in which he listed his children in theorder
1. Robert, 2. Abraham, 3. John, 4. Isaac, 5. Jacob, 6. Jane M., 7.Catherine, 8. Anne
-J. Hoyle Mayfield, 1994

Will Abstract Dated 3 DEC 1714 Probated 16 Aug 1715 Essex Co, VA: ROBERTMAYFIELD, SR. will: to wife Sarah Mayfield all land and movable estduring her life. One shilling each to sons Robert, Abraham, John,Isaac. To son Jacob all land at decease of wife. One shilling each todaughters Catherine GREGORY, Jane GRAVES, Anne CONNELEY. Ext's & Exor:wife Sarah and son Robert. s/Robert x Mayfield. Wit: Daniel Hayes,Cornelius Sale. Proved by oath of Sarah Mayfield, widow, Executrix, etc.16 Aug 1715. Bond dated 16 Aug 1715, L 50 Sterl. Sarah Mayfield, Extrxof will of Robt.Mayfield dec'd. s/Sarah x Mayfield, John x Mayfield, Johnx Loyde. Wit. names omitted.

1678 Rapp,Ess.Co: Francis Graves m Jane Maguffey wid/John
1702 " KATHERINE GRIGORY wid/Richard m Thomas Snead.
1733 " Anne Mayfield m Thomas Connaly.

Robert would have been about 94 when he died in 1714, if he is theoriginal Robert who came to this country in 1652. All of the childrenwere adults at the time of his death. He very likely came over as anindentured servant and probably had to work seven years to gain hisfreedom. He would not have been free to marry without his master'spermission; therefore, he probably married late in life. -J. HoyleMayfield, 1994

Glouster Co., VA - Richard Long . . . M. 3 235 DEC 6, 1652 350
On Milford Haven on W'ward side of a branch dividing from George Billop[Bishop]. HR [Head rights] Edward Dymont, Henry King, Robert Maysfield,Hannah Cotton, Mary James, Thomas Hale, Lt. Col. Griffith, And his wife.-J. Hoyle Mayfield, 1994

On record of Rappahannock Co. deed in 1677 (later Essex County). -J.Hoyle Mayfield, 1994
Oct 21, 1684 - Rappahannock Co. his name shown in description of Wm Batesland, south side of river.
-J. Hoyle Mayfield, 1994
He appears as a defendant in 1684 court records. -J. Hoyle Mayfield, 1994
Sept 3, 1690 - listed as juror in Rappahannock Co., VA -J. HoyleMayfield, 1994
In Essex Co. - Juror in land squabble between Nicholas Franklin, Plt., &Rich'd Goode, Deft., Sworn before Mr. Robt. Brooke. Verdict: Do not findDef't a trespasser. 9 Feb 1704. -J. Hoyle Mayfield, 1994
On Rent roll in Essex Co. in 1704. -J. Hoyle Mayfield, 1994
Witness to a deed dated 12 Mar 1711 Virginia Colonial Abstracts Vol.VIII, Wills & Deeds 1711-1714, p. 14 ref. p. 37 -J. Hoyle Mayfield, 1994

Robert married 2 Sarah Unknown 1 on WFT Est. 1654-1684. Sarah was born 3 1640 in Essex Co., VA. She died 4 WFT Est. 1693-1735.

They had the following children:

+ 2 F i Jane M. Mayfield
  3 F ii Catherine Mayfield 1 was born 2, 3 about 1675. She died 4 WFT Est. 1707-1785.
        Catherine married 2, 3 Unknown Gregory 1 on 1700 in Essex Co., VA.. Unknown was born 4, 5 WFT Est. 1656-1689. He died 6 WFT Est. 1707-1776.
  4 M iii Jacob Mayfield 1 was born 2 about 1677. He died 3 WFT Est. 1678-1767.

In 1718 it appears that Jacob persuaded his mother to use her home (farm)as collateral on a tobacco deal which was not successful and she lost herhome. Not much else is known about him. -J. Hoyle Mayfield, 1994
  5 M iv Robert , Jr. Mayfield 1 was born 2 about 1679. He died 3 WFT Est. 1680-1769.

Nothing is known about his family if any. He is supposedly on record ofdeed in Essex Co. VA in 1718. It is also possible that some of therecords around 1704-1711 may have referred to him. He may have diedyoung. -J. Hoyle Mayfield, 1994

There is a Robt Mayfield in the 1704 Rent Rolls:
Mayfield Robt Essex County, 1704
Could be this one or his father.
+ 6 M v Abraham Mayfield
+ 7 M vi John Mayfield
+ 8 M vii Isaac Mayfield
+ 9 F viii Anne Mayfield

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