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Ancestors of Charles Lee Mayfield

Eleventh Generation

1408. Ambrose Clothier was born 1637. He died UNKNOWN. Ambrose married Ruth Hannah on UNKNOWN.

1409. Ruth Hannah was born UNKNOWN. She died UNKNOWN.


1664. Estienne Chastain was born 1625. He married Jeanne Laurent. [Parents]

1665. Jeanne Laurent was born before 1652.


1666. Abraham Soblet was born 4 Dec 1648 in Ardennes, France. He died in Manakin Town, VA. Abraham married Susanne Brian on 31 Mar 1674 in France. [Parents]

1667. Susanne Brian was born about 1662 in Prob Sedan, Province Of Champagne, France. She died in Manakin, Goochland, VA. [Parents]


1696. Robert Carter was born 1665 in Oxford, England. He died May 1751 in Malborough Co., PA. Robert married Lydia Walley on 8 Aug 1688 in Chester Co, Penn. [Parents]

1697. Lydia Walley was born 1668 in England. She died in Malborough, PA.


1698. Christopher Atkinson was born 31 Mar 1656. He died Jul 1699 in Atlantic Ocean. Christopher married Margaret Fell on 5 Aug 1679 in Height, Cartmell, Lancashire, Eng. [Parents]

1699. Margaret Fell was born about 1656 in Newton, Cartmell, Lancashire, Eng. She died 1714 in Bucks Co, Penn. [Parents]


1700. Barnes was born about 1679 in Donn, , Ireland.


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